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  • Image of Jupiter CD</br>Juicy Lucy
  • Image of Jupiter CD</br>Juicy Lucy

Jupiter CD
Juicy Lucy


First album from the anglo french disco duo Including the singles : One O Six, Sake and Starlighter.
Digisleeve CD. Limited edition of 1000 units
"Combining electro funk and disco to deftly detailed effect, wrapped up in a wealth of pop and hook laden influences, their low slung, synth driven and bass-hooked dancefloor numbers have been causing many a tizz around the global electronic music community" Data Transmission

01. One O Six
02. Elliot Uppercut
03. Set the Course of the Nile
04. Hula Hoop
05. Sake
06. Avalon
07. Oh I
08. St Petersbourg
09. Juicy Lucy (Needs a Boogieman)
10. La Dynamo
11. Starlighter